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We are HoboWiki...


CyberGeneration is a pen-and-paper role playing game that I've been playing for a good long time now. This section of the wiki is heavy with semantic data, and thus can be queried using the Semantic Search. Listed on the main CyberGeneration page is a series of categories that have data populated in them. Most all of the pages in all the categories has a Semantic Form associated with it. Most all of the semantic data has been leveraged in order to create a more-perfect character sheet for CyberGeneration, as seen here. Enjoy, and feel free to add new data into the ever growing database of CyberGeneration knowledge. I also have a much less developed section on D&D.

Computer Tricks!

Some tricks I've learned and wanted to share. Topics Covered: Windows, HTML, Javascript, SQL, C# and NAnt.


In order to fully understand the world of math for my new school experience, I am developing a math wiki here that explains in short concise words how to perform certain mathmatical operations.

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