Why should you hate weblogs?

Posted in Hobomaster at 6:09 pm by Verifex

I used to think weblogs sucked, until I realized that my thinking that they suck wouldn’t make them go away.  So I did what any other moron does.  I got a weblog!  Now I can complain about weblogs existing on weblogs themselves.  I think it is quite important and amazing and you should keep reading about it, because I might stop talking about it soon and then you’ll miss out on that won’t you.  ahhhhhhhh..  that was good.

Here is another link to a guy who hate weblogs too.  If you go there, tell him that he really should start commenting in some online weblogs about how much they suck, and make sure to link to his site as often as possible.  I think if you have 20,000 blogs linking to some stupid guys site that talks about how much blogs suck, that indeed will make blogs suck.  Atleast by bloggers rules standards.  Because whatever is at the top of google counts as the rule I think.  Actually who cares, do what you want.  Also leave a couple dimes on the ground outside your house.

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