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The hobo college, thats right, it went out of business, apparently 3 decades of hobos learned all they needed to know from this honored place.  It is rather sad to hear that it went away though, I guess there is just no money in hobos.  Damn the man!

In my quest to provide you with the complete unadulterated hobo, I come across many a hobo website.  Today I found the hobo dictionary. (Also here)  This is what being a hobo is all about, finding new things, adding them to your knowledge and becoming a better person.  Also eating and sleeping in other peoples places.

Not Hobo Related

If I had a fifth of a penny for every bit of content I find duplicated ad nauseum online, I would have so much money, that I alone would cause the entire monetary system to collapse.  It really is too bad that you can’t see when and where that Britney Spears mp3 was first ripped from the CD.  Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how many times it was played, copied, and subsequently deleted?  I think the only things that gather information that fervently are trojans though.  (not the prophylactic)


Hobo Related

Can I gain all the knowledge of hobos, and reproduce it here?  Possibly, but I might then violate some international hobo law.  (special hobo courts are ruthless)  While looking for hobos, I found this hobo.  As much as I would like to believe ‘Ben’, if-that-is-his-real-name, somehow I doubt his hoboness.  Most hobos do not write so articulately that they actually make sense.


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