Spot the Hobo!

Posted in Hobomaster at 4:17 pm by Verifex

The web is awash with accessories for the modern hobo.  There are hobo bags, hobo symbols, hobo food and of course, hobo clothing.

However, there are a number of things on line that do not portray the hobo lifestyle as accurately as they could.  As a service to you, I am going to point out these inconsistencies to you now.

  • Hobo Camera – Hobos would never use such a large unwieldy camera, as it would not fit in a easily resealable hobo pack on a stick.  Plus, a hobo only has room for 1 or 2 photos in his wallet.
  • Hobo Porn Film Name Generator – While hobos may indeed work in pornography occasionally to make a buck, no self-respecting hobo would leverage their hoboness to make such unspeakable acts.  Plus hobos don’t have time to make up fancy names.
  • Hobowars – First of all, there is no hobo army, it is a myth, and there definitely is no hobo general or commander.  Hobos have better things to do, like live life and survive, then plan death and destruction.
  • HoBO Magazine – I don’t know how many times I need to reiterate this, but the hobo lifestyle is not appropriate to be represented in a modern, glossy, pretentious magazine.  Besides, hobos don’t need to read magazines to know what they like.  They just do.
  • International Hobo (not the bags) – Thats right, this company is trying to delude you into thinking there is some kind of international hobo cartel, and that they spend all day toiling away on a book on how to develop video games.  Well here is news for you, hobos aren’t into that kind of thing.
  • The Billion Dollar Hobo – The inherent paradox of this movie just goes against everything hobo-esque.

Well that is it for now, I’ll probably add more as I find them, but remember, when they say hobo, they mean business.  Defhobo Business.

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