Where is our commision?

Posted in Hobomaster at 12:00 pm by Verifex

When using the internet, I tend to look for other hobo related services and products so that I can improve our own services.  Sometimes I find good ideas, other times I find outright lies!  Today I found lies!  For instance, what is this?  Can you believe that?  They copyrighted the word hobo, you can’t copyright an entire class of people like that without giving them some kind of kick backs or commission or something.  And even this?  Hoboware?  Why are the hobos of the world being used for crazy gadgets and software and not being given a good meal and a place to stay?  Have a heart people!  The gaul of this company to reduce an entire class of people down to a simple software program and then, just as simply, sell it for millions.  How dare them!

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