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Posted in Hobomaster at 12:52 am by Verifex

So now that I have the ultimate Wiki power, I’m trying to figure out the best way to exploit this new technology to bring the best in hobo services, products and solutions to the internet. As I’ve heard, there are very few sites out there that provide solutions, services, products AND commentary, at the same time.

We in the DefHoboz control room believe in a full featured website, with as many features as you can possibly ram into one thing without it breaking and spilling out onto other sites. Until we have reached the hard drive capacity, we are on a neverending quest to bring you, the website viewer or possibly search engine spider, website things!

Much of these website things involve new technology, or old technology, or just regular old unpopular current technology. Now you may say, “Hey! Why would you do this to me? Why are you putting random things on here, are you trying to confuse me?” No, not at all, we are here trying to give you the services, solutions, products and commentary that you want, in all its forms.

In the coming months, look forward to more DefHobo features to be rolled out such as: Defhobo Credit Cards, Defhobo Hotels, Defhobo Casinos, and of course one cannot forget the Defhobo Business Opportunity Self-Em’ploy’ment Enrichment Center. So stay tuned!

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